Delhi Belly / Guided Tour

Delhi Belly


Delhi Belly is a Guided Enfield Tour of the national capital of India, New Delhi (Monument Ticket Fee will be on Client). It’s a complimentary tour with a Road Captain for the people who book any tour from R&C Motorcycling. Delhi is roughly a triangular area formed by the Aravalli hills in the west and river Yamuna running north-south in the east. Settlements in and around this region go back to the Stone Age and subsequently others existed at different points in history. Delhi, thus offers an exciting interaction between ancient, medieval and modern. Its monuments are the most evident traces of this past, spanning a period of almost a thousand years. They highlight Delhi’s historic role as a capital city. Different dynasties built their capitals here. Some altered and extended existing ones, others built new cities. One can count anywhere between 8 to 15 sites where a new city was built: Anangpur and Lal Kot in the early medieval period; Tughlaqabad and Kotla by the Sultanate rulers; the Mughal capital of Shahjahanabad and most recently, New Delhi, built by the British. Their monumental ruins include forts and palaces, tombs, shrines for gods and mystics, rest houses, stepwells, memorials, bazaars and many are part of the lived environments of local communities.