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Roads & Chrome provides brand new Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle for its Guided Tours and Renting. R&C Motorbikes are well maintained and throughly checked on time to time by Royal Enfield Authorized Service Centre Network.


Royal Enfield


The most awaited adventure touring motorcycle of Royal Enfield “HIMALAYAN” is in the fleet of Roads & Chrome. Its Royal Enfield’s Most Versatile Motorcycle, Which Can Take Riders Almost Everywhere They Want To Go, On Road Or Off Road. The Only Motorcycle You Will Ever Need. Himalayan Combines Outstanding Versatility And All-Day Comfort For All Rides. Long-Travel Suspension, Natural Upright Riding Position, A Durable And Torquey Engine All Add Up To A Comfortable Ride For You, Whether It’s On The Highway, City Streets, Or Remote Mountain Roads.

R&C Services

1) Rental – One can rent Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle from us for six days till six months, depending on your Visa / Work permit.
Prices : Ranging from EURO 20 to EURO 25 depending on the Royal Enfield year of manufacture and peak & non-peak season.

2) Bike Delivery – We deliver our bikes at your door step / hotel. Yes, just give us a call or leave a message and we will make sure that your Royal Enfield is delivered to you at any location in Delhi or NCR (National Capital Region) at no extra charge.

3) Roadside Assistance – Get 24*7 Roadside Highway Assistance across India by Royal Enfield Backup Team on our Rented Motorcycles.

4) Special Road Captain – If you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle but still want to feel the thrill of motorcycling on the dramatic roads of India, than we got very experienced special road captains who will take you as a pillion rider (rear seat passenger) to the choice of your destination or for the guided tour you book with us across India on a Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle.

5) Riding Gear – We provide Royal Enfield Accesories like Helmets, saddle bags, riding gloves, knee guard, elbow guard at very minimum price for your road safety and comfort.

6) Spare Parts  – Tool kit of Royal Enfield. Emergency medical Kit. Clutch Cable. Accelerator Cable. Spark Plugs.

Roads & Chrome very strongly believes in 100% customers satisfaction and safety.


Enfield India
(Since 1949)

Royal Enfield motorcycles had been sold in India since 1949. In 1965, the Indian government looked for a suitable motorcycle for its police and army, for use patrolling the country’s border. The Bullet was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job. The Indian government ordered 800 350-cc model Bullets, an enormous order for the time. In 1955, the Redditch company joined Madras Motors in India in forming “Enfield India” to assemble, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai). Under Indian law, Madras Motors owned the majority (over 50%) of shares in the company. In 1957 tooling equipment was sold to Enfield India so that they could manufacture components. Enfield of India continued producing the ‘Bullet’ long after the UK factory’s bankruptcy, and changed its branding to ‘Royal Enfield’ in 1999. The ‘Royal Enfield’ name and rights had been purchased by Matt Holder of Aerco Jigs and Tools, at the bankruptcy sale in 1967. The business passed on to his son, David Holder, of the Velocette Motorcycle Company of Birmingham, UK. The Holder family has produced spares for Royal Enfield motorcycles continuously from 1967 through to the present, but did not trade under the Royal Enfield name. While David Holder objected to the use of ‘Royal Enfield’ by Enfield of India, a UK court ruled in favour of the Indian company, who have now assumed the trademark, and produce motorcycles as Royal Enfield.

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